Our Process

Congratulations! So you have made the decision to get rid of “that” dreaded tattoo and you are thinking about booking a consultation for laser tattoo removal.

Your free consultation

We offer free consultations, with no obligations on your part, and no expectations on ours.

During your consultation, our friendly staff will explain the laser removal process and will answer any questions you may have. We will then discuss the tattoo you wish to have treated and what you expect from treatment. Next, comes the assessment of the tattoo itself and a determination about whether you are an eligible candidate for a laser tattoo removal procedure. Finally, we will discuss how many treatments we think you will require and the cost of each session. Most of the time you can have a treatment session straight away, or you can book it for a later date. 


You will need to fill out a client consultation form prior to treatment. This will outline to us any relevant medical history as well as some general information about your tattoo. You will also be asked to outline any topics of concern you may have so we may discuss it prior to treatment. 

Your first treatment can be nerve-racking, but don't stress yourself out! Our friendly staff will look after you and will walk with you through your tattoo removal journey. 

If you are concerned about pain management, we stock NumbSkin, which boasts a whopping 10.5% lidocaine to assist you with your comfort needs during and after treatment.  

Your session is likely to only take between 5 and 10 minutes. You will be required to wear safety goggles and sit on a treatment bed during the procedure. Your technician will then program the correct settings on the laser for your skin and tattoo type. The laser is turned on and treatment begins. A concentrated light beam passes harmlessly through your epidermis to the ink particles underneath. It then breaks up the particles into tiny fragments. The rest is up to your immune system, which collects the broken up particles and expels them from your body. You may experience some redness and ‘frosting’ during the procedure, as well as some swelling and bruising afterwards. These are completely normal reactions to laser tattoo removal procedures, so there is no need to freak out!

Oftentimes, several treatment sessions are required to fully remove a tattoo as the process of breaking up the ink and removing the particles needs to be repeated.


We want you to have a good experience both in our clinic and at home whilst healing your freshly lasered tattoo. Most, if not all, the risk of scarring occurs following treatment, during the aftercare period. It is important to avoid rubbing the area, as well as hot showers and strenuous, sweat-inducing activities in the days following treatment. We will provide you with aftercare instructions at the clinic. We will also provide you with a detailed aftercare leaflet for your peace of mind. 

We sell convenient aftercare packages in our clinic. Alternatively, you can purchase soothing creams, such as Bepanthen from your friendly pharmacy.

Worried about money?

We offer a direct debit plan, so you can get your treatment and then pay for it in convenient weekly or fortnightly instalments.

We also offer packages which contain discounted rates for multiple sessions.

Any Questions? 

If you have any further questions regarding consultations or treatment with City Tattoo Removal please feel free to contact us!