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Why use a Q-Switched laser?

A Q-Switched laser is the ideal tool for effectively removing complex and multi-coloured tattoos.

Q-Switched lasers produce very short pulses of intense light, which harmlessly pass through the top layers of your skin. The light is then is selectively absorbed by treatment-specific pigments the ink. 

The ink, if treated appropriately, (which is demonstrated by the presence of certain clinical end-points), breaks up into parts which are small enough to be processed and removed from your body via your immune system. 

Why Fotona's QX MAX? 

 The QX MAX^, is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market.

This Q-Switched laser utilises technology that generates high-energy nanosecond pulses which efficiently remove many types of tattoos.

Deeper-lying pigmented structures can be reached and removed quickly and effectively with the use of larger spot sizes. You will be pleased to know the larger spot size also means your treatment is likely to be significantly faster than machines which use a small spot size only.  

Fotona's Q-Switched lasers offer four wavelengths in one system, thus enabling virtually all commonly used pigment colours to be treated effectively.*

After much research and consideration, we decided to invest in the QX MAX because it provides safer and more effective treatments, in comparison with other machines on the market. 




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